On May 6, 2015, Jean Bernard Dongfack - President of Fongo-Tongo USA - meet with local authorities, to emphasize the need of their collaboration and cooperation in order for us to implement the projects in our portfolio for the interest of the population of Fongo-Tongo.

President of Fongo-Tongo USA and Prefet of the Menoua divisionPresident of Fongo-Tongo USA and Sous-Prefet of Fongo-TongoPresident of Fongo-Tongo USA and Major of Fongo-Tongo


On December 27, 2015 Hugues Tsafak meet with the ADEFY (Association Des Elites Femmes de Yaoundé) and presented our congratulation letter for assisting us with the execution of Fongo-Tongo USA 2015 scholarship award.

General Secretary of Fongo-Tongo USA and President of ADEFY Antoinette SokengADEFY and the students awarded with Fongo-Tongo USA scholarshipsADEFY members very well represented at the scholarship ceremony